Lornic Design offers 2 different backer paddles.  The "HD" style and the "SD" style.  

The difference is the spacing of the mounting bolts from the bottom of the paddle to the bolts.  

"HD" backers should be used on Heavy Duty Paddles ( 695 Series )

​"SD" backers should be used on Standard Duty Paddles ( 395 Series )

395 Backer Paddle Sales Drawing

NEW Heavy Duty Bolt Plate

Features a larger mounting surface and larger radius to prevent stress cracks in the paddles.
  • 1/2" Bolt Holes, Part Number "SB HD 262"
  • 5/8" Bolt Holes, Part Number "SB HD 562"
  • 62mm / 2-1/2" Bolt Spacing
  • Armor Galv Plated Steel

Proven to increase paddle life!

backer Paddles

"HD" Backer on HD Paddle

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Lornic Design
"SD" Backer on HD Paddle
(Note the 1/8" gap at the bottom)

bolt plates