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Standard Nozzles

Lornic Design HE Hog Singer Nozzles

Standard singer nozzles typically run at relatively low air/gas mixture pressures and low air/gas ratios. Using traditional standard singer nozzles, most of the oxygen required to burn the gas comes from the atmosphere around the flame outside the nozzle. The new HE nozzles run at a higher mixture pressure - typically 3x that of standard nozzles, and at a higher air/gas ratio. With a higher pressure and higher air/gas ratio, most of the oxygen required to burn the gas is already pre-mixed before it even gets to the nozzle.

This results in a hotter, blue flame which more efficiently singes the carcass. The higher mixture pressures also create a higher velocity flame envelope which forces the flame onto the carcass instead of just burning a ball of fire around the carcass. Again, this results in better heat transfer and a better overall singe.

The design of the nozzle creates a "flat" flame profile, which spreads the heat evenly along the carcass, and also allows the individual burner nozzles to more effectively cross-ignite from a single pilot flame.

The result of this improvement in efficiency is gas savings of 10 to 40%, with a better quality singe! Payback for high-speed lines can be as short at 1 month!

Standard Hog Singer Nozzles
High Efficiency Hog Singer Nozzles

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