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Snap On Polisher brushes

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"Clip On" Polisher Whips

Snap On Polisher Brush

bolt On Polisher Whips

SW-300 Snap On Polisher Brushes:

  •  Ideally placed on low horizontal shafts or the bottom of vertical shafts for better cleaning the small cracks and crevises around the head.
  • Can also be used for full body cleaning, but our conventional whips do a better job and last longer for general carcass cleaning.
  • Smooth bristles standard, crimped bristles available for special order.
  • Also available in bolt on style

SW-300 Sales Drawing

SWH-1000 "Clip On" Polisher Whips:

  • Built upon the same design and materials as our successful PW-200 whips
  • "No Tools Required" Installation - whips can be installed on mounting rods without the need to "hammer" them on!
  • ​Fits 10mm and 3/8" rods.

SWH-1000 Sales Drawing

PW-200 Bolt On Polisher Whips:  

  • Manufactured from a highly engineered thermoplastic material
  • Significantly stronger than any other material on the market! 
  • The stronger material allows for a smaller whip cross section for better flexibility, better cleaning and longer life. 
  • Don't let the lighter weight of the whip fool you - it outlasts the competition!
  • Highly durable material - lasts longer than competitive products
  • Increased flexibility for better carcass cleaning performance
  • Cleaner design ( no extra ribs and crevices ) for easier sanitation

Made in the USA

  PW-200 Sales Drawing