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Lornic Design is a full line scraper paddle supplier.  

 Standard Duty "395" Series

heavy Duty "695" Series 

All our paddles are manufactured to the highest quality standards using premium materials and a unique combination of straight and bias ply fabrics.  Our products are being used by many of the largest plants in the United States.  Our products are consistently chosen in head to head plant testing!

All paddles feature:

  • Premium rubber and nylon fabric materials
  • 3 Cleat and 5 Cleat versions
  • 1/2", 9/16", and 5/8" standard mounting holes
  • 62mm ( 2-1/2" ) Standard mounting hole spacing
  • ​Build to order capabilities - we can quickly build any combination of rubber base, cleats, bolt size, bolt spacing!

​395 Paddles are also available with no cleats to be used as "backer paddles"

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"395" Series Scraper Paddles:

Standard / Light Duty​

"695" Series Scraper Paddles:

Premium / Heavy Duty

"695" Pa​ddles also feature a unique shoulder bushing that helps to assure the optimum pressure on the paddle and to better seat the bushing to the star wheel.  ( It prevents the bushing from wearing into and through the star wheel. )

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